David RD Gratton

About David

I am a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur. These are my three roles in life and they make me extremely happy.

For me, there is no higher calling than being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs risk their own wealth to create "a better way". We create employment and opportunities punctuated with fun, exciting, sometimes painful, often stressful, but always satisfying experiences. What may surprise most people is that entrepreneurs are less likely to realize a return on their investment than winning the lottery. So why do it?

Because we have to - there really is no other option. Partly because our egos are too big (a wonderful wife and beautiful child help keep that in check), but mostly because we can't leave an idea alone. We have to act on it. Questions like "Why couldn't we do that this way?" or "Wouldn't it be great if we could do this?" result in a compulsive urge from entrepreneurs to act. Now that doesn't mean we don't care about making money. We all do. That is how our success is measured. We all want to make bucket loads of money for ourselves, our employees, and our investors. It just not what motivates us to come into work everyday.

My two present projects are:
Donat Group, a company dedicated to improving the human condition through shared learning and community support.
Project Opus, a company dedicated to enabling wonderful music experiences everywhere.

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David Gratton