David RD Gratton

Scooters: Which Yamaha Vino or Honda Metro

August 17, 2007

18 months ago, Mandy and I decided to go from a two car family to one car family. We didn't think this was really going to be a big deal as we rarely drove living in Vancouver's West End.

Since that decision we moved to North Vancouver and drive every day. However next month or early October, we are expecting our second child. While on maternity leave, she can not be left without a car, and I will need a level of transportation for my business activities and errands.

Rather than buy a new car, I have decided to buy a 50cc scooter. I already know it is under powered and will be slow on hills, but I am only doing this for utility purposes - not performance. After some research, I "think" the Yamaha Vino or Honda Metro are my best choices.

I am keen on any insight anyone else might have on these or any other choices I can consider. Though since I do not see me being able to take the time to get a motorcycle license, all suggestions need to be 50cc max.