David RD Gratton

Garage Band stumbles toward failure

April 19, 2005

I got an interesting e-mail in my inbox today. It was from Garage Band discovering the best in independent music. The e-mail was promoting Bo Bice who is/was a Garage Band Artist.

What I find interesting is that Garage Band professes to be a service for discovering artists like Bo Bice. Yet they obviously were an abysmal failure. If a guy can make it to the top seven of American idol and never crack the top 200 on Garage Band doesn't bode well for the value of their services. What's even more irritating is that Garage Band is NOW promoting Bo Bice. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Bo need yo help any mo. The rest of the bands and musicians still hidden in the long tail need promotion. Garage Band is simply amplifying what is ALREADY out there - we already have Sony, Universal, and Disney, we don't need another shoveling us the same stuff. Garage Band simply doesn't understand their supposed corporate mission. What a shame.