David RD Gratton

Now Hiring: Vancouver Music Junky

October 6, 2005


  • Must love writing – a real communicator.
  • Must love music – live and breath music. Sure you have your favorites, but you see the value in all styles and genres.
  • Must love going to shows – great perk. Getting great tickets to all the shows in Vancouver is pretty sweet.
  • Must love the nightlife – night owl. See above.
  • Must be sociable – likes to be with people. You need to be part of the scene not just a passive consumer.
  • Must like taking pictures – visual communicator. You are not shy about getting in someone’s face and taking a pic.
  • Must be willing to learn – self-motivated. This is about building a business around something we love: music, and the people around it. There is a lot to do, and a lot more to learn.
  • Must be reliable – team player. It’s great to go out all night, listen to music, dance, take pics, and hang out with the band and other fans, but that IS your job, too.

This is a part-time position.
Two articles and opinion pieces per week, plus 8-10 hours per week communicating, and engaging with the Vancouver music community.

If we just described you and you are into working with a great bunch of people that are looking to build real partnership in the music industry, this job is for you.

Send us your resume, a sample of your writing, and a short article of 300 – 500 words on why you want this job to:

David [d o t] gratton [ a t] donatgroup [d o t ] c o m