David RD Gratton

We Are Looking to Contribute More Source Code

April 1, 2007

I am writing this post to ensure that we take the appropriate steps to do what we say we will do.

Donat Group has gotten some flack in the past for not contributing source back to the Drupal community. Since a number of our projects rely on Drupal, it only makes sense (and it's the right thing to do) for us to contribute back to the code base we use. Although we have posted code, and responded to requests for code in the past, we have not known really "how to effectively participate" in the world of open source development. Fortunately, we are now getting some valued help in this regard from ace Drupal developers Lyal Avery and Trevor Freeman who among other things will help us get more of our code back into the Drupal community. Note, there is some interesting code that is owned by the people who hired us to develop it (not us). So, releasing some desired code may not be possible.