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A-List bloggers need to get out more

February 7, 2007

Sometimes I have to laugh at A-List bloggers in the tech industry chasing their own tail. They sometimes seem to be oblivious to anything or anyone else that is outside of their own circle jerk.

Two years ago I and others were posting that beyond communities of interest communities do not exist.

Virtual communities [online Social Networks] do not exist as communities unto themselves. It's true that I know individuals only online. It's true that I participate on project with groups of people on-line that I have never met before. But these communities have a common interest without exception. Virtual Communities unto themselves are not communities but modifiers to communities of interest.

And low and behold Silicon Valley pundits have now concluded that Social Networks are now a feature "for other online activities." And what are those other on-line activities? The interest/topic/purpose for the community.

So forgive me if I don't see this revelation as visionary. Dozens of us have been saying this for years.

DYLAN Simplified

February 7, 2007

I am gettting a lot of people contacting me on what this project is really about. "It's too confusing," they say. I totaly get that. The technical gibberish is confusing for me, too.

So here is, what I hope to be, a simple explanation, and it should provide better focus for non-techies to participate in this project.

For me DYLAN is about answering the following question:
Why would I buy Pink Floyd's, Dark Side of the Moon again?

I bought it first in vinyl then in 8-track (for listening in my portable stereo and my Dad's car) then in cassette (because 8-track was a mistake) then in CD (portability and it sounded better than my cassette or my now much scratched album). I would buy Dark Side of the Moon again if the reason was compelling. If we can answer that question we will have defined DYLAN.


When SEO goes bad

February 6, 2007


Steve Jobs Says Stop The DRM Madness!

February 6, 2007


Launching the DYLAN project: a music packaging specification from the XIPF initiative.

February 6, 2007

As I pointed out in my previous post this is a project that Project Opus Technologies is sponsoring in association with the Government of Canada, and SFU. Participation is open to all interested parties who are looking to get involved with an open packaging specification for music.

The DYLAN project home is located at:

Recent comments on DYLAN:

Other conversations on:

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