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Ann Taylor gets it right eventually

August 31, 2007

Earlier this year I was on a business trip to New York, and my wife joined for some shopping and sight seeing. She visited one of her favourite stores Ann Taylor to buy a pair of shoes (Really, what else could it be, but shoes). When she went to buy them, the clerk asked suggested she sign up for the Ann Taylor Card and get an extra 10% off the shoes. Mandy explained we were Canadian. The clerk insisted that this wasn't a problem - she could pay over the Internet using her existing Visa. Mandy was very hesitant, but the clerk was quite insistent that it was a no-brainer. So, we did it.

Next month.
Bill comes in the mail 4 days before due date.

Mandy goes on-line to pay.
Nope. Won't accept Canadian Credit Card addresses.

Mandy calls store to pay.
Nope. It has nothing to do with them. Call Ann Taylor corporate.

Mandy calls Ann Taylor corporate.
Nope. Has nothing to do with them (??? what ???). Call their bank who issues their credit card.

A few days pass.
Mandy calls bank.
Yep. banks says, "This is us. You're late on your payment. That's a $20 charge on your account. Please pay us."
Mandy, says will you take a credit card. Banks says, "yes."


There is a $7.00 service charge for paying by credit card that cannot be covered by the credit card payment (??? what ???). You will have to issue a US check. As you are Canadian it has to be a US bank draft or US money order.
Mandy, says "Well I may as well pay the whole thing by money order."

3 days pass. Mandy books time off to go to bank. Pays $10 service fee plus crazy exchange rate for US money order.

Mandy sends money order. (For those who don't know a money order = CASH. Meaning they can't bounce.)

Bank receives money order.


Puts a hold on money order for one month. (Meaning they did not pay off Mandy's bill.)
Another month late another interest charges PLUS $20.00 fee for late payment.

A month passes.
Money order is eventual applied against bill.

A month passes.
Our purchase is paid off.


$60 (late payment charges) plus interest is on the new bill.

Mandy write letter explaining story you read above.

A month passes.
Letter back saying "your late payment charges are due to your late payments. If you pay them now you won't be charged late payment charges."

Bill is now close to $90.00.

Mandy calls bank. Explains above.

Banks says we will deduct two late payments, but please pay balance.

Mandy (now very frustrated) "FINE!, I want this taken care of. This is not right, but I don't want this hanging over my head. Can I pay by credit card?" Yes but there is a $7.00 fee that must be paid by money order.

Mandy, says "And if it is held for a month by the bank that $7.00 charge will result in a $20.00 penalty correct? Can you SEE what's happening here?" (This is a paraphrase from what can only be described as a frustrated women who is 8 months pregnant and at wits end.)

Banker says let me talk to my Boss.

Boss comes on line. His name was Ben.

Ben hears the above in respectful but not what one would call a calm voice.

Ben does the RIGHT THING.

"There is something we can do here. I can understand what you are going through. We will remove all charges from your bill. Sorry for the trouble this has caused you."


As mad as we were at you and even though it took a lot of time for us to get it sorted out. You did the right thing. Good on you.

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