David RD Gratton

Back Like Lazarus...

April 19, 2006

Wholy Krap.

This blogging thing takes time. My IP changed. I lost my domain password. My computer crashed.
I lapsed.
. . . Again

But I'm back. Once again, I will start building my audience from scratch. THen lose it. Then build it back again. It's an endless cycle for me.

So for those of you left... "Hi, Dad." Let me tell you what I've been up to.

My company, Donat Group, has been working on a community based music site built on Drupal called Project Opus. This year, we successfully, launched Project Opus then rolled it out of Donat Group into an independent company. We obtained some early round funding, and are closing some research agreements with Simon Fraser University. All the while still running Donat Group.

It's been a bit exhausting. I have to thank:
My Wife
My Family and Friends
My Colleagues at both Project Opus and Donat Group.
My Investors

I couldn't have made it to this point with out you guys. Thanks!

Now for my readers. Sorry I neglected the blog. Rest assured it WILL happen again, but when it does rest assured I will be back. ;)

Thanks for reading, Dad.